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Allwell Machinery

Allwell Machinery is a comprehensive company and professional non woven bag making machine manufacturer. In order to create more economic and offer the one-step service, we collect all the knowledge and resource to service our customers with complete solution in nonwoven industry in our field, including the nonwoven production line, nonwoven bag making machine and nonwoven printing machine, and we had exported them to all over the world in the past years.

We have passed ISO9001:2008 quality certificated system and CE safety certificated system. With rich technology and capital resource, we pay high attention to the new product innovation. Every year we have at least one new design machine.
Creating value for customers first is the only way to achieve self-worth. We look forward to cooperating with you!


Allwell People Keep Innovation for

Environmental Responsibility

Selet innovation in Unremitting

Find Happiness from Innovating

Breakthrough Myself within Happiness

Chairman - David Ouyang

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd

Allwell Core Value

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd
Customer first

Externally,focus on customers to do our work,examine our ideas, strategies, values, systems, words and behaviors,products and services etc.Thinking problems as customers do,meet customers'needs and solve their difficulties,constantly improve customers' satisfactions and loyalty,so that customers identify with our products and service.Achieving corporate value by creating value for customers.Internally,it advocates the sense of responsibility and value creation,strives to improve their own works,and provide better labor results for internal customers.

Embrace the change

Adopt the daily changes of the company. Honest to face the changes,full communication,sincere cooperation;Face to the difficulties and setbacks,self-adjustment, and positive impact and lead colleagues;through continuous innovation to improve work efficiency and achieve better results.

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd


Allwell people keep a promise,treat others with earnestness and coordinate what you said with what you did.Prevent the dishonest behavior that damage the company benefit properly and effectively


Hardworking into action.Steady progress of the self specialty and management capacity can only be the result of persistent study.Allwell people should brave to face the trouble in the work and never give up.Keep climbing to reach new height with a position status.


As the engine of Allwell development,we dare to explore new thought,trail some new ways and never restrained by the traditional thinking.Allwell never afraid of failure instead of stopping innovation.


Allwell group is an active team. We pleased to help others and glad to acquire the hand of others. Everybody, as the number of Allwell big family, would actively particular in the team meeting and support decision-making. We share our experience with each others and good at cooperating with different type of colleagues. Doing the job well without blinkers.

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd