Ounuo New Product Release! Save another cent RMB for your bag

Time : 2018 - 11 - 02 Category : Industry News

In October 2013, the world’s first one time forming non woven box bag making machine with automatic handle attached was born in Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd. After continuous testing and improving, Leader running well and start to branch the global market. To take customers a whole new bag making experience.

Birth of A product, gradually become mature, it seems like the child we born. When he grow up to be a adult and start to take charge as chief of the benefit of the community. 
Every time when we stand in hurry and find passenger with a familiar new non woven box bag, something would through our veins. That time we are filled with the excited and proud as we are the one of OUNUO company.

look back on these days, OUNUO have more than 10 years experience. We keep our mind to lead non woven bag making industry, keep in Innovation and change one year one step. We persist regard the best result of today as the lowest standard for tomorrow, constantly improve the accuracy and stability of the equipment! The latest launch – Automatic bag collating function, reduce labor costs, save RMB one cent for your bag.

The tenth generation one time forming non woven box bag making machine with automatic handle attach, latest design, New configuration. High efficiency, high speed, steady, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and low noise. Equipped with handle internal folding, automatic bag folding, automatic collating, data analysis function, production data report and intelligent mold function. Convenient adjustment, changeover time and save the cost of mold, the production status can be checked at any time. 

Daily output 60,000pcs bags which mouth neat without deviation, bag is more beautiful. It can replace 30 artificial, to help you solve the difficult of recruitment, management, low yield and profit thin.
Revolutionary to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, increase the profit margins. 
Adopt 75GSM laminated 100% PP non woven material, production speed can up to 60pcs/ minute. This machine successfully developed in October 2013, during the 5 invention patents and 12 utility model patents, is the first equipment in China. In China, we have installed nearly 600 units, the Leader in the market sales accounted for more than 75% share. This is the first choice for your bag! We have a new understanding of the future packaging market, the future we will always lead the development of the non woven bag making industry. Let ‘s communicate for both profit and the green future!
Leader machine patent No: 201310336180.6、201420080547.2
One time forming new non woven box bag patent No: 201430002160.0、201530027113.6、201530247140.6

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